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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  October 4, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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google it. >> the traditional sex ed lessons are not enough. the new way some kids are learning about the birds and the bees. >> but first, roberta with what is going to be a cold, rainy night in the bay area. >> as well as windy, because this is really a powerful storm so early in the autumn season. currently, our live high deaf doppler radar is placing the heaviest precipitation, noted by the shades of yellow on your tv screen right there. in the morn portion of our district through hillsburg, banking through santa rosa as well. i have been getting e-mail out of nevado saying it is moderate rain. meanwhile, it's light precipitation now across the santa clara county. but as we go across the central bay and heads towards san francisco w vie moderate rain that will be descending upon the city. we are tracking the storm. we are tallying up all the numbers. we'll tell you how much rain to expect and when it's going to
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end. that's later on in the newscast. >> thank you. amanda knox is back home in seattle with her family and already the book and movie offers are pouring in. the family could use the money. her parents took out second mortgages, ran up their credit cards, and drained their retirement account. even amanda's grandmother took out a $250,000 mortgage to help pay all those legal fees. but first things first, she is home. manny was there when she got off the plane. >> amanda knox was overcome with emotion as she was cheered by well wishers at the seattle airport. >> thank you to everyone who believed in me, who has defended me, who supported my family. >> knox was set free on monday. a jury said faulty dna evidence was used to convict her of murdering her british roommate four years ago in perugia. she was acquitted and one day
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later flew home. >> i was looking down from the airplane and it seemed like everything wasn't real. my family is the most important thing to me right now and i just want to go and be with them. >> knox's case played out under an international spotlight and here in seattle, her story often made headlines. many here are relieved they were worried this day would never come. >> we love you. >> the airport, friends and well wishers came out to support her. >> we are happy she is home. it's the way it should be and i wanted to welcome her home. >> i hope she can recover from this and live a normal life. >> ago being in an italian prison for years, it could take time to adjust. >> they are reminding me to speak in english, because i am having problems with that. >> knox says she is thankful to everyone who helped her get home. now she is asking for privacy and just wants to be with her family. manuel, cbs news, seattle. >> also in news tonight, a woman celebrating her 40th birthday with her family in new
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york city was killed when a tourist helicopter crashed into the east river. that chopper carrying five people went down shortly after taking off from a heleport in manhattan. that chopper sank. two people clung to the chopper's skids in the fast moving current until rescuers were able to get to them. tonight, three of the passengers are in the hospital. witnesses say the chopper was obviously out of control before crashing. the pilot swam to shore and is okay. it's a concrete problem with a vague solution. oakland teenager who's have nothing to do getting into trouble. a curfew won't fly, but how does the mayor's plan pan out? we would ask her if we could get to her. >> are you feeling confident that the other council members will vote? >> no. >> for what you support? >> no. >> city council president, larry reid tells cbs 5 despite
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454 people waiting to sound off on whether or not we would expand the gang injunction further into east oakland and establish a teenage curfew or a new city loitering ordinance, this council has already made up its mind. >> what does this mean for the city of oakland? >> i don't know. we have to wait and see. >> what's your opinion? >> we are at 87 homicides. we have three months left in this year. we'll be over 100 homicides at the rate we're going by the end of this year. >> sources tell cbs 5, reid along with council member, pat, support stepped up law enforcement. >> we are not doing anything about providing a safe city for our citizens. >> the mayor's answer, midnight basketball tournaments for at risk teens, expanding park and rec and keeping community centers and libraries open late. did either plan curb violence? we tried to find out and asked to wait outside the mayor's
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office. after an hour's wait, the doors to the mayor's office were locked from inside. the mayor appeared later inside city council chambers. unavailable, says her staff, to answer any questions on camera. >> well the mayor is not talking to cbs 5 and the city council is not voting. we just learned that they have delayed the loitering ordinance and sources inside city hall tell me it is likely that the curfew and the gang injunction will face the same fate later tonight. dana. >> the behavior from the mayor's office unusual? >> i'm sorry, repeat that once again. >> the behavior from the mayor and not responding, not being available, is that unusual? >> it is not unusual, dana. in fact, we made several attempts not just tonight, but in the past to speak with the mayor on these issues and we have gotten the same response and that response is, no answer. >> all right, in oakland, robert lyles, thank you. >> the two san jose police
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officers have been arrested for embezzling from the latino peace officer's association. manny, the former president of that group and marco were both arrested today on suspicion of felony grand theft. the offices of the latino peace officers association are closed. their phones have been disconnected. police say it is bankrupt. investigators say viagrano took $80,000. ivaro took $40,000. all the money had been donated for college scholarshipping benefiting latino youth. >> very, very disconcerning to have to arrest another officer, but it's one of those things that it really makes me angry when any officer violates the public trust in the way these two individuals did. >> police say the thefts began in 2005 when he became president of the society. viagrana was fired last august on an unrelated personnel
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matter. >> bart spent millions building a new ramp for disabled riders at the louisiana fayette station, but there are a few things they forgot. the ramp on the south side of the station is designed to help wheelchairs get up and down a steep slope. but getting to and from the ramp poses a few problems according to some people who use wheelchairs. >> there's really nowhere to go once you come down the ramp into the parking lot, there's no way to go. there's no ramp. >> there are also no disabled parking spots on the south side of the station. they are all on the other side in the larger north lot. bart says they will fix the curbs and provide disabled parking and promise to have it done by christmas. >> other stories making headlines around the bay area. vandals -- the chance to release thousands of salmon they raised over the last year. sometime between monday and
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tuesday morning, nets that were keeping the young fish protected were cut. 20,000 salmon were released prematurely into the bay. a uc berkeley as trough physicist won the nebel prize. proving that the universe is expanding indefinitely by measuring streams of light from exploding stars. pearl will share the $1.5 million prize with two other scientists. the rick perry is in the bay area tonight raising money. that fundraiser at the jordan vineyard and winery. comes as republican voters seem to be having second thoughts about him. in the last two weeks, support for governor perry dropped from 23% down to 12%. the other big news, herman kaine, the former god father ceo is now neck and neck with mitt romney. republicans who were hoping for
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something new got some bad news. jan crawford on the man who said once and for all, no. >> new jersey, whether you like it or not, you're stuck with me. >> with your signature straight talk, chris cristie crushing the hopes of some republicans, said today he will focus on his state, not a presidential campaign. >> now is not my time. i have a commitment to new jersey that i will not abandon. >> more months, cristie's answer has been the same. urged cristie to reconsider and he did. it became an all out media frenzy after his speech last week at the reagan library. >> we need you. your country needs you. >> cristie said today he was thinking about running when he gave the speech. he had already heard from so many others. >> it's been unbelievably humbling and inspiring. >> with only three months left
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before primary voting begins, time was running out for cristie to launch a campaign. even if the establishment was behind him. today's poll showed 63% of republican voters either hadn't heard enough about him or undecided. in his trademark style during a 50 minute press conference, cristie took on skeptics who were raising questions about his record and experience. >> that's when i knew that i could actually win. when they started -- when all these people started shooting at me before i got in the race. >> and he had this to say to comedians who made fun of his weight. >> i got a news flash today that i am overweight. >> he was obligated to finish his term as governor, he left open the door for 2016. >> i have interest in being employed in the future and not going to procollude any employment in the future. >> comprisety's announcement means the current republican field is set. there's really only one other candidate who could jump in this late, former alaska goff
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new york governor, sarah palin. fewer people are driving drunk. but it's not because people are being more responsible. >> schools are broke and sex ed is a common casualty. where many kids are turning to learn the facts of life. the new iphone 4s, is it worth buying? we put the new features to the test.
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incidents of drunk driving decreasing, but that doesn't mean the streets are any safer. drunk driving dropped 30% from 2006's peek of 161 million. but it is still a factor in at least 1/3 of crash fatalities in this country. roughly 4 million americans admitted to driving a car while under the influence. according to the u.s. centers for disease control, that translates to about 112 million alcohol impaired driving episodes and thousands of fatalities. >> most of us probably cringe when we think back to session
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education classes in school. >> the same place you get most of your other information these days, on the internet. elizabeth cook on the oakland based internet sexuality information services. >> sex, it's not a topic most kids want to talk about in the classroom. >> it's not private, so it just makes everything so uncomfortable. >> it's weird, because we are talking about it with old people. >> leaving kids to get most of their information from the internet. you name it, they text or tweet it. >> we are always clicking away. >> the real classic line is, i google it. >> deb says schools are missing the boat when it comes to sex ed. so she developed an online hub of information all things sex, including safe sex practicing, nearby clinics, and even relationship advice. >> sex education has been distilled to use a condom, actually i should say, ways to
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have sex and when you're ready, use a condom. and it's so much more complex. text messages is part of this sex ed. isis set up a system called hookup, where they get weekly health tips. these week's tip reads talk it out. if you have sex, talk with your partner about safe sex, getting tested, and what you like before you get in bed. it's not like the parent talk has gone away and it's not like the school sex ed class has gone away completely, but that none of these are successful. >> and kids we spoke to love the idea. >> having a website, you know, they can go on there and look and not get judged or they are not going to get in trouble for asking, that would be great. >> well it's catching on iisis reaches over 500,000 kids nationwide. it's part of curriculum.
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deb says she hopes to get isis into classrooms in oakland and san francisco. for more information, go to our website, >> new time. >> i don't know. i think kids today should be forced to watch old filmstrips like we had to do. >> it's a right of passage, you have to do it. >> awkward questions, that's good for them. >> absolutely. you can't pay me to go back to that time. >> thank you. iphones fans expected apple to release its iphone 5. instead, it launched version 4f. john blackstone on some of the slick new features. >> introduction of the newest iphone had been much anticipated, partly for the first time, apple's ceo took the place of steve jobs. >> this is my first product launch since being named ceo. i'm sure you didn't know that. >> one surprise, it's not the expected iphone 5, but the 4s.
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it's faster with a better camera and one feature that sets it apart. says apple vice president, phil sheweller, voice recognition. >> for decades, technology teased us that you'll be able to talk to technology and it will do things for us. >> phone understood conversational questions. >> do i need a raincoat today? >> it sure looks like rain today. >> but could it understand my questions? can you help me with italian restaurants? >> i found 13 italian restaurants. 11 of them are fairly close to you. >> lunch was no problem, but a plane reservation? >> what's the next flight from san francisco to new york? >> i can't help you with flights. sorry. >> and then there's the really big question. >> have you figured out the meaning of life? >> try and be nice to people.
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avoid eating fat. read a good book every now and then. >> the big question for apple, will this be enough to help the iphone in the heated competition with google's android software? no single model comes close to selling out the iphone. 40% of the market compared to apple's 27%. john blackstone, cbs news. well, a terrier mix is getting national attention for his familiar face. bentley has already won a local award at the niles dog show for resembling onie, a famous u.s. postal mascot. onie rode with the mail bags on rail cars. appeared on stamps and considered a lucky charm for the postal rail service. bentley's owner is now optimistic that he can win a nationwide onie look alike contest. >> he has been in the lead most of the time. he and another dog are running neck in neck right now.
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i think he has a good chance. i think he looks more like onie than any of the other dogs in the contest. >> the internet contest runs through october 17. people can vote for the onie look alike on facebook. >> wow. it sure has been raining cats and dogs. okay, yes she did. go ahead and take a look at our satellite radar. this has been so fascinating to track. now the effects on your morning commute as eyewitness news continues. ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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rain as we speak, roberta. >> the rain is intensifying and so are the winds, so let's get to our live high definition radar. as it falls from the clouds to the ground. let's go to the south. you can see where the leading edge is. that pocket of yellow, that's a pretty heavy downpour. east of the bay, pockets of heavy rain as well.
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and meanwhile to the north, the golden gate bridge, a lot of showers beginning to descend on the mill valley area as well as the golden gate bridge. you have the richmond bridge and the bay bridge. in fact, let's go outside to treasure island and take a look at the current conditions. yes, it's raining outside and the winds are continuing to pick up to 20 and 25. here's the deal. what you need to know is the showers and the wind will increase and intensify in the overnight hours. west, northwest up to 20. temperatures in the 60s. occasional rain and a chance of a thunderstorm. here's the front as it does descend on the state. as far as our future cast is concerned, that's the heaviest rain. you're going to hear it with the rain drops on your rooftop and see waves of heavier precipitation behind the front throughout the entire day on wednesday and even into the evening hours. so as we try to tally this up, it was dry at 6:00 and here came the rain showers. look at what happens about this
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time tomorrow night. nearly a full inch of rain in san jose. that is a lot of rain in a short amount of time. there will be hydroplaning. meanwhile, we have our first winter storm warning in effect for the high sierra. 10 inches of snow. so we will have a stray shower early on thursday, we begin to dry out just in time for fleet week with sunny skies and seasonal temperatures. that is your pinpoint forecast. dennis with sports up next. all you have to do is call. [ female announcer ] call allstate now and you'll get a free lifetime membership in good hands roadside assistance. [ dennis ] shop less. get more. make one call to an allstate agent. [ female announcer ] and if you call now, your first tow in good hands roadside assistance is free! simply get a quote on any allstate insurance policy. that's a free lifetime membership in good hands roadside assistance just for calling, and a free tow just for quoting.
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is designed to optimize any fuel source on the planet. even those we don't use yet. because when you pursue perfection, you don't just engineer a future-proof hybrid system. you engineer amazing. ♪ world series "before" texas signed adrian beltre... beltre joins reggie jackson, babe ruth an it's probably a good thing. beltre joins reggie jackson, babe ruth, and three others as the only player to hit three home runs in a playoff game. texas is back in a lead championship series. in st. louis, the cardinals garcia shutting out philadelphia. ben francisco, phillies win 3- 2, they take a lead. yankees facing elimination, but new york gets it in high gear. robyns single and makes it 10-
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1. that series is tied at 2. dbacks avoided an early playoff hosting the brewers. the rookie, grand slam. milwaukee still leads that series two-games to one. the nba canceled the remainder of their preseason schedule and judging from the commissioner, a labor agreement is far from a slam dunk. >> there's an extraordinary hit coming to the owners and to the players. so i don't want to speculate about what our future bargaining position would be. >> yeah, david stern also said that the regular season games will start to be canceled if there is no deal reached by monday. i hope kobe likes bruchetta. they open their season on saturday night. just don't ask to see his pets. >> they are pretty friendly. >> yeah, burns is nervous,
11:30 pm
leaving his collection of 100 snakes behind in minnesota. burns is one of the league's best defenders and he signed a $28 million contract. he has to buy ten or 12 king cobras, right? >> i started getting into them and it was a great way to get away from the rink. something i love to do now. >> ever ask you to check out his snake collection, would you go? >> yes. i would welcome at it once at least, from a distance. >> okay. i just bought that new app you guys were talking about. will the sharks win the stanley cup? >> only if brent sterns can squeeze the life out of the competition. >> that's amazing. that's amazing. >> what a phone. >> can i have the top five please? that is something. thank you very much. at number five, 505 players got their championship rings for the boston brewens.
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boy did that fit. number four, check out the camera guy on the first home run. at number 3, tiger is trying to take a huge lead early, but watch curtis granderson. he saves three runs that changed the game. number two, it's granderson again. this time he goes airborne. this guy made his name, still love him there, just not tonight. not for that. and number one, matt to right center field. rodriguez is coming home. reminded me of a play. rodriguez drops the baseball. rodriguez is safe. good news. we'll be right back with more apps. now let me ask you something. ,,
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well. >> that's what happened. >> sorry, i missed that story. >> all right, hugh jackson with david. >> our next newscast tomorrow morning at 4:30. we'll see you then. ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from new york, the greatest city in the world,


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